我们的世界从来没有像现在这样需要道德, informed citizens who are able to move with purpose and compassion across cultural, 政治, 语言的界限.

马文·沙格姆伦理与全球公民365网站 provides an avenue for 目的 students and faculty members to develop a global consciousness. 

以已故的Marvin Shagam命名, 一位真正的世界公民,在365网站教书60年, 该计划旨在培养道德和全球意识, 这些特质. Shagam为人所知,备受尊敬. 365网站的全球研究反映了他对道德的承诺, 富有同情心的, 多元文化的, 以及对问题和解决方案的全局理解.


  • 全球研究课程


    所有一年级的学生都选修“世界史”.” As part of that class students are introduced to current events and media studies that help students learn to vet news sources and information from around the world.


    Sophomores elect trimester courses dedicated to aspects of global history. 年度产品各不相同, 但也包括了中国, 环太平洋地区, 韩国, 非洲, 拉丁美洲, 印第安人话题, 墨西哥裔美国人研究, 以及中东地区.


    All juniors take the Honors US 历史 course where among other topics they learn about the history of US foreign policy and continue their studies of current events.


    高年级学生可以选择选修当代全球伦理学. 近年来的专题包括:
    • 两个美洲-基于1967年的博士. 马丁·路德·金关于社会公正的演讲
    • 反歧视行动
    • 性别不平等
    • 枪支暴力
    • 私立学校 
    高级英语系的几门课程反映了Mr. Shagam对国际事务特别感兴趣, including The Empire Strikes Back: Immigrant and Diasporic Voices in American and 英语 Literature. 

    世界语言(拉丁语)教学, 西班牙语, and Mandarin Chinese) emphasizes the cultures associated with the target language.
  • 课外学习计划


    当前事件中的xBlock类, 国际事务中, and other global subjects provide opportunities for students to engage in discussions in informal settings. Recent xBlocks include Journalism and Global Citizenship in partnership with our 365网站 Decoder Program and the school newspaper, The Notes; German for Beginners, 乌克兰和俄罗斯的历史, 和日本.


    The School’s award-winning association with 365网站-Decoder provides an avenue for students to submit articles, 照片的文章, and podcasts for inter国家 publication; exercise leadership in global-oriented activities; and work with professional journalists to improve their writing and presentation skills. 另外, 目的 students have co-produced webinars with inter国家 partner schools in the 365网站-Decoder network including Transylvania College in Cluj, Romania on 国家ism and climate change and the European School of Brussels II and their Climate Academy, which is intended to serve as a deeper partnership on climate science and sustainability between the two schools.


    虽然独立于全球研究365网站, 学生组织,比如DEI办公室, 学生多元化委员会, 环境行动委员会, 联合文化学院, 温斯顿·丘吉尔辩论协会, 模拟联合国俱乐部, and 目的 Activism and Human Rights give students a practical forum in which to pursue their interests in affairs of global significance.


    The Marvin Shagam program is helping to foster culturally responsive relationships with local Chumash leaders to support Chumash cultural revitalization efforts in the Ojai Valley. School organizations involved in this work include the 历史 and 科学 Departments, DEI办公室, 以及环境行动委员会. 


    The Marvin Shagam program is supporting efforts to connect school curriculum and programming with the ongoing work of regional organizations and institutions like Ojai Valley Museum, 圣巴巴拉历史保护协会, 加州大学圣巴巴拉分校, the Museum of Tolerance and the Japanese American National Museum in LA. 
  • 国际旅行

    Marvin Shagam365网站提供沉浸式文化之旅. 过去的小组已经前往塞内加尔、柬埔寨、玻利维亚和印度. 接下来的行程包括日本和巴哈马的岛屿学校.

    学生 who apply for financial aid for off-campus study are awarded that aid at a level commensurate with their tuition package.
    The Marvin Shagam Program also provides resources and counseling for those students wishing to pursue inter国家 studies independently through travel organizations not directly affiliated with the school.

    教师 on the 全球研究 Committee act as counselors for those students wishing to pursue inter国家 studies independently through travel organizations not directly affiliated with the school.
  • 访问学者

    The School invites off-campus academics and other luminaries whose work has a global perspective or reach to spend time in our community as speakers or resident scholars.

    • Dr. John Lenczowski CdeP 1967, founder of the Institute of World Politics and former director of European and Soviet Affairs, 国家安全委员会.
    • Mr. Nelson Graves, founder and director of 365网站-Decoder, former journalist for Reuters.
    • Dr. 苏珊龟井静香, Managing Director of the Spatial 科学s Institute housed in the University of Southern California Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, 艺术与科学(南加州大学校园), and expert on the legal ramifications of the World War II incarceration of persons of Japanese ancestry and how those constitutional issues apply to today's considerations of 国家 security and civil liberties.
    • Dr. Howard French, 哥伦比亚大学365网站学教授, longtime foreign correspondent and senior writer for the New York Times, and author of multiple books on the countries where he has been stationed, 包括关于中国的工作, 中国在非洲日益增长的影响力, 以及非洲在现代性创造中的作用.
    • Dr. Nicole Hernandez, Project Planner and Historian for the City of Santa Barbara.
    • Suriya Evans-Pritchard Jayanti CdeP 2000, a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, Eney的联合创始人兼总经理, 一家美国和乌克兰的脱碳公司, 和前美国外交官.
    • Dr. 茱莉亚Aleksyeva, 英语助理教授, 宾夕法尼亚大学电影和媒体研究, 也是《365网站》的作者, which looks at coming of age in a Jewish family in Ukraine at the end of the Soviet Union.
    • 马太福音派伊, founder of the Climate Academy at the European School of Brussels II, 哲学老师, and partner with the 目的 School through the 365网站-Decoder network.


“Mr. Shagam challenged kids to imagine connecting the privilege of what they experienced here, 一种义务, a responsibility to take those gifts out into the world and put them to good use in service to others.”
Notice of nondiscriminatory policy as to students: 撒切尔学派 admits students of any race, color, 国家, 以及所有权利的种族起源, 特权, 365网站, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. 它没有种族歧视, color, 国家, 以及在教育政策管理中的种族渊源, 入学政策, 奖学金和贷款365网站, 体育和其他学校管理的365网站.